Golf Rival Latest Features to Know

Golf Rival Latest Features

In android and iOS gaming, there is a new superstar that has appeared, and the name is Golf Rival.

After their new February update, the game has changed a few of their features, and here we are giving you the details of the changes.

Before any opponent outperforms you, you must know these updates.

Special Ball Property

Special Ball Properties

The upgraded clubs and balls have dominated the game. You will win half of the battle if you have the right club and balls in your golf course.

You can know the properties of your existing ones by clicking on the Golf course icon at the bottom of your screen.

However, there is a special feature of your club that affects the game. The power of your club ensures you a better hit, and the enhancement of your club increases power.

In the new update, you will get an additional bonus if you have an upgraded ball used with the upgraded power. Well, if you are in a need of more coins and diamonds in the game, then you should focus on earning them from the game or simply buying them with your real money.

But, there is another way shown on YouTube that you can use by the way. Here you go to watch it:

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Superball Debuff gets reduced, and the power of your shot is increased by 1%, 2%, and 4% for every level of the Superball.

Ball Attributes

Ball attributes have been introduced in the game to have better control and understanding. However, in the new update, you can view the Special ball attributes.

When you click on the checkbox above the Special ball page, the attributes are shown. The balls show three numbers, which are the indication of which ball is useful in what criteria.

The first number is for jump and drag. It has a positive and negative value. The second number shows the power of your ball.

The last number is the indication of your ball’s ability for and against the wind.

All these numbers range from -3 to +3, and a lower stat is disadvantageous.

Knowing the stats of your ball enables you to decide on which ball to choose in which turf.

Lucky Rewards

Have Lucky Rewards

A lucky reward is the latest feature that gives you some excellent stuff. After you finish the matches, you will receive a pop-up window for watching a video.

If you watch the video, you will receive some gifts. These Lucky Rewards have a different kind of stuff as give away. Moreover, you can find even such ways on

But not every match gives you this reward- they are completely random. However, playing a lot of matches has better stats to win this reward.

You’ll get coins, gems, or Special balls as this bonus for daily stage and Kingdom mode. As a fortunate reward, you will get a chance to contest the hole in Tournament mode again. Likewise, you have another opportunity to contest your rival in the arena.

Final Words

Through the above tips, we were able to define the new system of gameplay. Golf rival has excellent features in the game, and it can be better enjoyed with Golf Rival cheats. To know more, follow our articles regularly.