How to Master Creative Destruction’s ‘Defend the Captain’ Mode

Creative Destruction Defend the Captain

Creative Destruction is known for creating exciting game modes.

Although these modes are rarely introduced, and the demand for new modes from players is always high, one game mode that has caught the fancy of players is the ‘Defend the Captain’ mode.

This 25 v 25 mode is entirely different from solo and squad games.

What is the ‘Defend the Captain’ Mode?

In ‘Defend the Captain,’ you will be put in a team of 25 players. There are five captains on each side.

Now, it is every team member’s duty to defend their captains from the opposing 25 players. You will also have to kill the rival captains to win the game.

Keep a close eye on the map to stay aware of the opposing team’s captains’ locations at all times. You may also be picked to be a captain.

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How to Land in this Mode?

Land in significant locations to make sure you don’t get surrounded by your opponent team’s players.

While on the battle bus, keep a close eye on the map to recognize the movement patterns of the opposing team.

It is vital to know which area of the map they land in so that you and your team members can accordingly set up a defense and plan to strike their captains.

  • Always land as a team – Be it setting up a defense or moving in to attack, always collaborate with your team members to stay safe.
  • The Storm keeps shrinking in this mode as well. Landing in the hotspots gives you a better chance of securing good loot in a limited time.

How to Defend Areas?

This mode is not like other Battle Royale games. In this mode, your primary target should be to pick a comfortable spot inside the play-zone area and defend it from the other team.

Collaboration amongst teammates is crucial. Make each member work as a cohesive whole. Being a lone wolf in this mode isn’t helpful.

The best-case scenario is to set up a strong defense at a point of elevation. That way, the opponents will have to use ramps to climb and reach to your team.

You can easily set up snipers to spot these incoming enemies while the rest of the team guards the surrounding grounds.

If you get picked to be the captain, your primary responsibility will be to stay alive. If you die, your entire team fails.

Stay covered and protected if you are the captain. Don’t engage in attacks, and always stay close to your team members.

Use the best possible weapons and stuff in the game that you can buy from the game. You can have lots of crafting and weapons using diamonds, gold and money in the game.

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How to Attack?

On the map, you can see the positions of your team members and the positions of your enemy team’s captains.

Try and take an early advantage by targeting isolated captains and kill them as quickly as possible. Always observe the map to be certain of all your enemy positions.

This mode is the USP of the game. Explosive weapons like the grenade launcher make the gameplay of this mode even more fun. Collaboration is the key to success in this mode!