The Battle Cats Beginners Guide to Play the Game

Battle Cats Beginners Guide

The Battle Cats is one of the new creations by PONOS Corporation for android and iOS devices. In order to start playing the game, you need to download it from your on-device app store. Here is the battle cats beginners guide that you should learn.

You should always start with the tutorial, and then it is important to pay proper attention to the basics. Make sure you are learning the art of playing the game by completing its tutorial.

After this, head over to the real gameplay and get new experiences. Players should choose a team of cats smartly in order to take part in the fights against the opponents.

It is important for players to know that cats have their own design, sense, and ability. They can also upgrade the cats with the help of XP.

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First of all, reach the level cap of the cat, and then you can also increase it. Send your team of cats to the battlefield, but it requires energy, and you should keep this thing in mind.

Cents Generator Upgrading

Most of the players want to get more cats, which they can’t acquire without having enough in-game currencies.

And that’s why they should try to earn enough currencies by performing better during the battles. You don’t need to make efforts because, during the battles, your base will earn money automatically.

On the left side of the screen, you will see a cents generator that you need to upgrade on time. Make upgrades to this generator from time to time in order to earn money.

With the help of this site you are able to make a balance between generating money and cats.

Try To Get Cat Food

cat food

Plenty of methods are out there which help players to earn cat food. Before going to follow these methods, you should understand the importance of cat food.

Well, it is the premium currency that has great importance in the game. This currency is mainly required to buy blessings from god.

In order to buy blessings, you need to unlock the god, which you can easily find in the special cats column. It is possible to get cat food by spending your real money, but you can also get it in many other ways.

The different types of offers are available in the game, which players need to complete as early as possible.

Try to perform better while accomplishing these offers, and then your account will be credited with a good amount of cat food, which you can use later as per your desire.

Imperative Tips to Follow

Along with other aspects, it is crucial for players to focus on other aspects, including cat study. With the help of upgrading the cat study, you are able to earn XP.

It is one of the primary currencies of the game which are required to meet several requirements in the game.

Whenever you beat any level, you will be rewarded with a huge amount of XP. Keep replaying the previous stages to add more XP in your account.