The Importance of Completing Daily Tasks on the Sims Mobile

Importance of Daily Tasks in the Sims Mobile

With over 40 million players across the world, the competition is fierce in the Sims Mobile game.

But, a lot of players find it difficult to make progress without spending on in-app purchases. How to progress faster without spending? Complete all the Daily Tasks.

Why Daily Tasks are Important?

Daily Tasks offer players the chance to earn experience points and special rewards (Fashion Gems, Tickets, etc.) on a regular.

You will be assigned with eight daily tasks. If you complete all the tasks, not only will you get 120 experience points and Simoleons, you will also get a free cupcake that you can use to give your Sims 30 additional energy points!

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What are the Tasks?

Quest Tasks - Savior of the Game

You will have a checklist of various tasks assigned to you each day. You must complete them in 23 hours as the list gets updated each day.

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Here’s an easy and effective Daily Task strategy that you must follow –

  1. The ‘Make the Most of Today’ Task – All you need to do is complete six events (at least). You can participate in any event of your liking. Once you accomplish this task, you’ll get a Super Sim Ticket as a reward.
  2. Socialize – The easiest of all the eight tasks, all you need to do is complete two family events. These two will also be counted in your ‘Make the Most of Today’ Task! Although you will have to spend a few energy points, completing this task awards you with 105 Simoleons! A fair bargain because you can purchase five cupcakes for just 75 Simoleons! Since each cake gives your Sims 30 energy points, you will be making a smart exchange by completing this task.
  3. The ‘Master your Craft’ Task – Another easy task, all you need to do is complete two hobbies/career events. Not only do you get to earn 35 experience points, these two events also get added to your ‘Make the Most of Today’ list of tasks!
  4. Improved Lifestyle Task – Improve your Sims’ lifestyle on a daily basis by purchasing items for them from the Home Catalogue, giving them more clothes, or by collecting new heirlooms. This is an easy way to earn 40 Simoleons and five experience points every day. There is a video on youtube that also has potentially possible ways mentioned to earn free simcash and you can watch it with this link here:
  5. Complete Special Events – The most difficult and time-consuming daily task, completing one special event, can take up to six hours. Plus, during this time, the Sims completing the special task will not be able to enter the Social, Career, or Hobby centers. Apart from receiving rewards for completing the event (these rewards are event-specific), you also get 25 experience points.
  6. A New Look – Just add a few new items of clothing or makeup to your Sims to earn 35 Simoleons and 15 experience points from completing this task.
  7. Home Improvement – Spend 75 Simoleons to buy items of decoration for your house and earn 25 experience points.
  8. Give Stickers – Another easy way to earn 2 Fashion Gems, all you need to do is give one sticker to a Sims that belongs to another Mobile Player!

Pretty easy, right? Keep completing the daily tasks to maintain a healthy currency flow!