The Simpsons Tapped Out – An Overview!

The Simpsons Tapped Out Overview

The game called The Simpsons Tapped Out is based on very popular cartoon character Simpson.

Therefore, if you are 90s kid then you still knows about this great character game and you will really happy to build various kinds of premises in the game.

Basically, there are various kinds of currencies and resources in the game such as Cash, Donuts, and tickets.

However, if we talk about the other resources that are used in the process of making the Springfield then you must required the furniture, Lattes, Yoga mats, Smart Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Hollywood Awards and so on.

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Start Working at Various Places in the Simpsons Tapped Out

There is no doubt you will never get the resources by just opening the game on daily basis, so you have to work at various places.

Here is a nice source: which can help players to know the ways to learn how to earn resources easily in the game.

Free Donuts and Cash

Here are some great examples that will help you to understand the job descriptions and earning in the Springfield –

  1. To commence with working on the shop that will allow you to get Furniture.
  2. Lattes that can be obtained by jobs at the Coffee Shop.
  3. Not only this, you will like the Yoga Mats can be useful in the Springfield and possible to get at L.A Body Works.
  4. Smart Devices are obtained through jobs at the Institute of Technology.
  5. However, if we talk about the Hollywood Awards then players have to work at the Heights Theater that is really amazing and enjoyable.
  6. Not only this, you must like the Pharmaceuticals that you get after working at John’s Pharmaceuticals.

Well, all entire resources are already mentioned in following points so you must try to pay attention on the collection of currencies that will allow you to become a dedicated player.

So get ready to take its advantages that will definitely prove valuable for you.

Temporary Resources During 2012

During the update of The Simpsons Tapped Out game you may found the Treats that are available in the Tree House Of Horror XXII event.

You can easily get them by during the event in late 2012 and used for purchasing the event’s exclusive items and other resources.

Instead of this, there were some Santa coins that are used in the game during the December 2012 and January 2013.

These coins can be exchanged for Santa Stockings in which you could win all the premium currency of the game or just the Reindeer. You can read the reviews for collecting more facts about these currencies.

How to Earn Experience?

XP or you call it experience is the source of earning the rewards and it is base on the progression of the player that how much experience that will automatically give you great benefits.

Not only this, if you want to earn the XP then you can buy buildings, Decorations. Even by completing the quests in the game you can earn the XP.

However, if you just unlock all the character then it will definitely allow you to get some experience points in the game.