Toy Blast Beginners Guide to Have a Great Strategy

Toy Blast Beginners Guide

Peak Games comes up with a new game, Toy Blast, where players need to help the child named Amy to collect toys with the help of matching two or more blocks of the same color. Read the complete toy blast beginners guide that you can have to play this game cleverly.

This game is different from other match-three puzzle games due to its fantastic features. If you have started to play this game, then you need to pay proper attention to the initial stages.

Try to complete them quickly to earn coins and stars. After completing them, you can focus on the difficult stages where you need to make good strategies.

You should learn how to attain your objectives quickly in order to boost up your progress speed. Match pieces together and clear levels to move further.

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Without making a plan, you can’t beat the difficult challenges, and that’s why you should pay appropriate attention while clearing the board at a certain level.

Learn From Toy Blast Beginners Guide

When you begin to play the game, then you will be provided with a tutorial that helps players to know how to play the game.

Complete the tutorial as soon as possible and then head over to the real challenges to beat them. The tutorial is helpful for beginners who don’t know anything about the game.

After getting instructions from it, you can easily perform better at the real stages. Make sure you are focusing on the tutorial and learning the tips to play the game in a better way using online.

After considering all these things, you are able to solve different puzzles with ease.

Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Hints

Once you reached the advanced stages, it becomes difficult to beat the challenges. Due to this, most of the players are facing lots of issues.

If you are also one of them, then you need to take some important tips into consideration. Let’s discuss these tips –

  • Save up moves – When you begin to beat challenges at different levels, then you will be provided with a limited number of moves. You should try to save up your moves to get boosters, which you can use to clear the levels faster.
  • Log in rewards – it is important for beginners to log in the game daily to grab the amazing rewards. You shouldn’t miss the chance to get these rewards because it will help to load your account with coins and other currencies.
  • Combos – Players should try to match the tiles strategically in order to create combos. If you found two special tiles, then you should match them to get combos that will benefit you later to beat the difficult challenges.
  • Use boosters – many levels and challenges are out there where you need to make good strategies to get the best outcomes. You should make use of boosters which are not easily available. You need to buy them or acquire them in any other way.

By keeping all these tricks into consideration, you are able to perform better. Always try to remember all these tips in order to reach the advanced stages of the game in no time.