WWE Supercard Tips and Tricks

WWE Supercard is your passion for managing a team of Super Wrestlers through an excellent card battling game developer by Cat Daddy Games.

It’s an RPG game of action with battling in the ring. You will have a collection of cards of players in the game from old to recent times, and finally, your aim is to win as many matches as you can. As a current event of wrestelmania, game players also earn more rewards in the game.

In this post, we will provide you some of the best wwe supercard tips and tricks to play.

How to Collect More Cards?

WWE Supercard Card Collection

The Exhibition mode is the best part where you will collect the additional number of cards and can improve the strength of your team.

The advantage of having more cards is to use them appropriately while you are on the field.

Various cards have the chemistry of matching players as a team, and their advantages and disadvantages are to be analyzed before you appear in the ring.

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If you play the exhibition matches more, you will get more cards as rewards and, in turn, use them in the next matches.

How to Set a Team to Win?

WWE Supercard Team Setup

The game is a multiplayer mode, and you have to fight against the other players. It is advised to choose the team against you who will have more losses in their bag, than win.

You can see the game stat of your probable opponent, and you must choose that team that has a lesser percentage of win.

Your likelihood to win will increase when you play against these lower strength players. If you want to learn more about team building and other important things about wwe supercard game, you may like to visit https://wwesupercardcheatsglitch.com/ for an advanced gameplay in the game.

After you close your opponent, you will have to choose your players. Before selecting them, you can see their compatibility with each other as well as their strength against the opponent team. A team formed with more compatibility enhances your chance of a win.

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How to Strengthen Your Team Players?

WWE Supercard Make Your Players Stronger

When you have more cards in your deck, the players with the matching rarity and similar players can be combined together to increase their strength against the enemy.

Always sacrifice the lower rarity cards of your deck to improve the highest card you have.

In this way, you can free space for new cards in your pool of cards as well as your experience points for the favorite player will also increase.

However, after a few matches, you will receive a higher stat card. At that time, combine your lower cards with maximum stat with the new card.

When you combine your higher EXP level card or maximum EXP level card with the new legendary player, you will receive an additional boost to your new player.

Do Not Ignore Your Diva Card

WWE Supercard Use Diva Cards

In almost all the matches, you will face female wrestler challenges. There comes the benefit of using your Diva cards.

You must choose your diva card and enhance them appropriately. If you win the diva match all the time, you will gain an advantage in your set of three matches.

After that, if you win another match, you win the series.

Also, change your Diva players to gain the maximum strength. Your player’s stamina reduces after a few matches. So shuffle the card and start with maximum stamina.