Impress These Apes!

Mondays @ 8pm @ ComedySportz – Starting July 7th!

Impress These Apes is an 8-week talent competition from Blewt!, the people who brought you I Want To Draw a Cat For You, Don’t Spit the Water!, and The Nairobi Project.

8 contestants will compete in devious weekly talent challenges and will be judged by a shrewdness of hyper-intelligent apes from the future. At the end of 8 weeks, the contestant with the highest score will be crowned LEAST PITIFUL HUMAN! They will receive $500 and a grab bag of groovy prizes!

Auditions will be held the evenings of June 3rd and June 4th!

We are currently seeking talented humans of all ilk to audition for Impress These Apes. Since contestants will be competing in a wide variety of talent challenges, we’re seeking competitors with a fearless and amiable stage presence. Interested? Please contact us with the form below and we’ll get back to you to schedule your audition.

Audition For Impress These Apes!

Contact us to schedule your audition!